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From Search Engage Optimization to sales funnel management; there are hundreds of factors that influence the (online) success of an organisation.

The Online Presence Assessment provides a clear insight in your current position in today's market and direct advice regarding what you can do to get ahead of your competition.  

Boost Your Business is the Microsoft program that helps SMB Partners in Western Europe grow. Benefit from high quality leads. Generated by a 12 month journey. Based on a proven method.

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Created for entrepreneurs

Integrating several best of breed tools, old school human intelligence and a wealth of market data the OPA gives organisations the knowledge they need to make the right strategic decisions.

Created for business owners

One page summaries combined with in depth data provide both actionable insights and the details needed to improve.

Scoring set to market benchmarks 

Data and scoring means little when not in perspective, thus all scores are compared with your industry's benchmarks.

Power of people 

Combining the power of best of breed tools with a personal assessment by one of our marketing analysts combine the best of both worlds.

Some of the tools and resources used

“This is an economy based on connection. Can you be heard, can you connect, can you be trusted?”

Seth Godin 

Keynote:  INBOUND 2015

Key subjects

The Online Presence Assessment covers all factors that influence a organisations online success, measures performance and sets this off to national and industry benchmarks. 

Website Performance

We fully analyse your website including a compliance check, load time analysis, a scan for technical issues, and an accessibility check for the visually impaired.


Getting found, by the right people, is essential. That is why we analyse both your current ranking and the ranking of the keywords most important to you.


Content might be king, but not all content is equal. So our marketing analyst personally scans and scores your site for all forms of content.


Picking and catering to your target market is critical for success, and thus we look at your online presence and look at how well this reflects your targeting.


If you can’t state your proposition in eight words, you don’t have a proposition, and if a visitor can’t spot this proposition in 5 minutes, your site does not have one.

Lead Generation

In the end, it's all about leads and sales, so we scan your site for all visible lead generation options and the conversion barriers they create.

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